Childs’ NO

It is commonly believed that spaying ?NO? is a sign of disobedience, the result of bad manners, arrogance or just defiance. Adults treat  children?s ?NO? as an invitation to fight. And they obviously want to win. Even infants are able to express their needs and define the boundaries. Although they are not yet in a position to fight and defend themselves against others. Just as in the relationships between adults, the child’s right to say ?NO? does not mean that the parent has to bend his head before them and submit to their will. It only means that the child?s words – including the words of the opposition ? should be taken seriously, and most of all we need to grant the child right to have them.

When children are treated with care and respect for their personal boundaries, they start to “do” what parents are asking. Maybe not always, and without enthusiasm, but as a rule they do. As a physician, I treat my patients with care and respect. However, relation of the parent with a child is different because it has ?a feeling of love?. For me, making a lively contact is enough to be liked by the child. People who come into contact with children in that way are more accurate and reliable. Together we have the opportunity to make first and subsequent visits to the office pleasant for the child. It will benefit during future visits.


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