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Minimally Intervention Cosmetic Dentistry is a holistic approach to dental health and  considers other factors that may affect it. We do not just take care of your teeth. When we meet for the first time, we define Caries Risk Profile.
The program is both unique and innovative. We believe that one filling is just one too many – we want you and your children to have “zero” fillings. And if you need  one, we want you to know why you had to do it and try together to eliminate the cause. The program started early allows us to prevent future problems.

On the first visit / consultation we also talk about your general health. We fill in the questionnaire of diet and hygiene to detect major problems. We also carry out a thorough intraoral examination for the presence of caries and changes in the soft tissues. Then, during the first visit we advise you to eliminate the perceived problems. We also invite you to regularly organized briefings in our Practice related to the prevention of dental caries in children and adults. We try to advise and support, not give a lecture. We want you to be well informed about your health and treatment options. We know from experience that health and dental prevention is better and cheaper than treatment, and we want to provide you with it on the first day of our cooperation.

In  case of gum disease, we examine them carefully for signs of the disease and advise you on any necessary action. It may be a simple action, such as using a different type of brush,changing brushing technique or ultrasonic scaling. On the first visit we  also talk about your expectations and any concerns or fears. We welcome your questions, and we want the first meeting to be an interactive discussion. We encourage you to ask questions so that you fully understand the problem and get to know all treatment options.
We really listen and respond. It is a new level of care and communication

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